What does peacebuilding look like for you?

Jerry has been performing his original tunes in a variety of venues for more than four decades. 

In 2007–2008, Jerry organized a 250-stop national music tour to inspire a culture of peace. He conducted more than 7,000 video interviews with people from diverse backgrounds, asking them, “What does a more peaceful world look like for you?”

The responses Jerry received included many thoughts about the importance of grassroots peacebuilding.  This led to Jerry's interest ten year's later in conducting a series of interviews to explore the questions, "What does peacebuilding look like for you," and "Why does

peacebuilding matter?"

The Hub Peacebuilder Tour, 2017:

A Collaboration with the Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Beginning January 30, 2017, Jerry will travel with The Hub Peacebuilder Tour on behalf of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP).   He will conduct daily video interviews with Rotarians from Seattle to San Diego, exploring the question, "What does peacebuilding look like for you?" Daily stops will also include live music in a variety of settings.  The goal of the tour is to expand the visibility and membership of RAGFP.

Jerry is the founder of the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation (21CPLF).  21CPLF develops and delivers peace literacy educational resources that draw upon the best science and best practice to offer a common language for peaceful co-existence.

Jerry is an active member of the Rotary Club of Dayton, a 50/50 club* that in 1914 named Orville Wright its first honorary member.  The term 50/50 club signifies that the Rotary Club of Dayton was the 47th club formed and is the 50th largest club in Rotary International.

Jerry Leggett:  Musician and Peacebuilder

Leggett's acoustic musical roots stretch back to the late 1960's when he bought a $13 folk guitar and learned his first Bob Dylan song. Through the years he has maintained that essential quality of a guitar strumming, street-singing balladeer even as his musical presentation has become a more eclectic mix of pulsating rock and jazz formats.

Leggett has consistently supported efforts to link music entertainment with raising funds and awareness for a more just and healthy planet. As a motivational speaker and

peace educator, he has appeared widely across the U.S.

From 2011–2013, Jerry directed the Crisis Mobile Outreach Program for Child and Family Service on Hawaii Island. Before that, he directed the Stone Soup Café, a nonprofit community center in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska.

As Executive Director of the Dayton International Peace Museum from 2014 to December 31. 2016, Jerry curated two major exhibits, "Quilting the Golden Rule," and "The Peace Corps: 54 Years of Global Service." He also oversaw the development of a major new exhibit on Peace Heroes and four Peace Hero Walk Around the World events in 3 states that raised more than $200,000 to promote local peace literacy initiatives.   

His professional experience include community organizing, fund-raising, volunteer management, strategic planning, digital communication, and crisis intervention management.