• Ci'tay of Peace 5:06
  • Somebody's Child4:17
  • Flip Flap Nestle3:05
  • Heart To Heart3:37
  • Carlsbad Canyon5:13
  • You Make Strong3:19
  • Peace Is Looking for You3:21
  • Good Thoughts4:07
  • World of Difference4:08


Jerry's live performances and recordings feature many of his signature, soul-stirring original ballads such as "Born In A Carlsbad Canyon" and "Sophia's Here." His recordings have sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide on his Better World Music label. They include: "Songs to End The Silent War," (1993); "Heart to Heart, Hand to Hand," (1995); "The Way of Peace," (2004) and "Peace Signs" (2007). 

Current Studio Project

He is presently working on a new music project, that will include the title track,"Ci'tay of Peace" (2010)  along with "Be Kind to Yourself (& other endangered species) and "Peace is Looking for You"  (2013).

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